Coin gate is poetic justice

I consider this karma for a big money machine ripping it’s players off. This can’t be considered a game anymore with the odds of pulling a premiere under half a percent. It’s legalized gambling with the worst odds possible. They wasted no time at all addressing this glitch but let their players suffer for years with territory glitching. This was a long time coming and I’m thrilled it happened. Hopefully they sweep it under the rug because I have a feeling if they roll back or reclaim, a large portion of players will quit. Keep on surviving scopely!


I dont know how to even do the glitch.

You joined a top faction and collected the rewards, and could redeem more tokens. This also worked when you transferred regions, so people got a lot of coins from it. It was removed yesterday.

About time scopely took one on the chin… Sooooo shady karma is a b… Especially when u hire half baked programmers

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Ehh Im not gonna do that. Too scummy.

Well even if you wanted to you can’t anymore.

I ran hard with 2 for 1 specials … Hop in current region faction boom then used up free key to transfer to anotheer region … Best f2p event ever

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