Coin Gate balance?

I personally did not take part due to not being able to be on game Monday day time , but a lot of people got coins , I’m not moaning to take them away so don’t hate guys lol but to suggest and show a balance idea that marvel strike force are doing since their recent Gold Gate where people got millions in gold for a low price.

To balance this over the next 21 days they are giving 500k gold as part of the login rewards to make it fair for the rest of the community who did not get a chance at the exploit.


So scopely a similar thing would be a good way of showing fair play.


No, quit crying

Said no hate , who’s crying ? I’m offering a solution that suits everyone and does not require a roll back lol

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U realize some got a few coins and others got a thousand, there wont be a balance there no matter what they do

You missed the point it’s not about making it exact it’s abtocken gesture for good will

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Ye well then everyone should get it

They rolled back Andrea without affecting anything else.

All they need to do is roll back coins. Legitimately re-credit any purchases and coins obtained from Scav missions, videos etc. Probably chuck everyone a few skull tokens to say sorry and credit those who will have legit pulled from the wheel. Easy.

Yes, because banning a large chunk of an already dwindling playerbase is a first class move…

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