Coin Depot Refreshes


I’m just going to say, you either need to re-evaluate your depot refreshing system or have alot more promos for world refill cans.

i spend all day farming world maps and the refills are getting more and more scarce to come by. Yes we can get some using scavenger missions etc BUT the easiest way is promos which hardly happens anymore …

the next and most obvious option is depot refresh but after a few weeks i and a few others in my faction are going to be retiring this option. I have on numerous occasions spent upwards of 1600 paid coins to not even get a world refill. This comes due to an abundance of characters.

Please look into this as once this dries up most players resources its just another item on a large list on why most “dedicated” players are slowly losing the fight to play the game anymore


Are you saying you have spent 1600 coins resetting your depot for world energy can’s? If so why? Individual cans are 100 coins and 90% of the time you can buy a bag in the shop for refills for a few hundred coins.


Because if your lucky and refresh for 200 and world cans come up, you just spent 200 coins for 5 world fills. Much cheaper than buying 100 per each. The problem is that it’s not a guareente on the refresh which is what the OP is saying. Your always hoping that the next 200 yields the world can option haha.


There arent any promos in the shop for world refills, we had some about 12-14 days ago i believe.

It’s the RNG on the game and its getting much much worse. All im saying is, if it keeps to the trend of not giving world cans thats pretty much it for me, as i farm a hell of a lot


I’m curious on what you are farming for?


anything and everything …

survivors for one thing, since the beta update, i have seen my 3k plus shirts and gloves drop down to 0 this week and farming the smaller stages seem less kind on boosting them back up.

theres also new roadmaps and most importantly the ultimate gear roadmap which is nigh on almost useless … but by running that on free energy also slows everything else down …

give us a world can promo and a farmable gear roadmap for elite and ultra would be a good start to things


There is one now


yes … moaning has prevailed


That deal stinks. So 98% of the time you will break even over just buying the cans.

The fact that people are willing to pay just to farm for all the necessary crap is genius.


I can’t remember the last time I had to buy world refills I get all I need from war.


Good statement. I also refreshed it with Coins, but with a extra
point, which was 4* Dale, who I just got today


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