Coin conversion topic closed

So i noticed that the topic is closed about the coin conversion that happened, but scopely didn’t even sort it out or gave the community a fair compensation. What’s happening with this as many guys got between 75k - 275k coins which they used to buy characters?? What about the rest of the players?? Anyone care to give their opinions?? @ForumAdmin @GR.Scopely

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This game and the way Scopely …run’s it…have never ever ever been about fairness.

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Nobody cared enough to keep the thread alive, so it closed. So it goes.

At least we got an official statement for that one.

I’m waiting for the 5 minute window when there’s a « bug» which lets us convert orange leaves at 3,000 coins per leaf. Hehehehehe

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What about the people who received the token to coin conversion AS STATED THEY WOULD. Then had all their coins removed including saved coins due to Scopely being absolute criminals and thieves???

Was it closed intentionally, or just the usual 2 day expiry?

Two day expiry… was getting completely ignored by @GR.Scopely

Well in that case it is only the community’s fault. It is our responsibility to endlessly bump threads over and over and over again until they get even a smidgen of acknowledgement and a vague promise to take it to the team. How can we honestly expect prompt, open and honest communication?

Shame on you community. Shame on you.

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