Coin calendar? Do you have the calendar of future fighters

Do you have the calendar of future fighters

Laopo is on promo next. Not sure if that’s what you are asking

I guess he is asking if we communicate the planning of releases from Characters which we don’t.


@GR.Scopely can you find out why s class laopo is 250 cakes Zack is 250 cakes but 6* laopo is 500 cakes ?

@Zrawtony Absolutely! I will let you guys know once I have more to provide.


Was same with priya
It’s a bonus t9 those that spent so many resources in her s-class
It’s actually very nice

Zach shouldnt be 250 tho

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Can you also ask why there wasnt a collection for those with both? Figures the one time i actually could use cakes that i have both toons and no collection, lol 🤦🤦🤦


The better question is why no double collection

Now theyll make zach 500. Thx

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