Cod vs twd rts (take notes

Now I know it seems stupid to compare a fps to a whatever you call rts at its current state its a cashbucket
But they have very simular prices when it comes to selling stuff
However despite all that cod manged to have abousutley 0 gap infact
The only difference between a spending codm player and a non spending cod player
Is how they look
In codm
We have events that are actually quite good
And should you miss a event say like they added a new scorestreak for a event which you missed
It comes to the credit store meaning that that score streak or operator skill is totally free
Which is actually very good
Because in rts if you do get a event there’s still a chance that the toon may never come back and if it does you gotta pay day money
Infact if you spend £10 on codm you can just by the BP and grind it meaning you got a ton of stuff for a good price while it you spend £10 on rts
Well you just got screwed over and labelled a dirty spender which is mega ooof £10 to lose all respect ain’t a good deal people
Heck codmn actually updates pretty well
At first when it realesed it was kinda barebones
But now look at what we are getting for s3
2 new maps cage and scrapyard (in a standard cod this would be a dlc theese are being added tottally free) potentially a ton of new guns for free a new zombies map
20 v 20 on br
A new mode called ultra rapid fire
All of this will be a hefty sized update but the updates are consistent every season
While on rts updates are random communication random nothing to improve the game in the long haul
While cod with all that’s it added can still make money yet not feel obliged to spend like trust me
They sold a £2.99 emote
An emote of peace is something I don’t really care for so I didnt buy it someone else might have but that emote didn’t like break the game its just a emote it’s just cosmetic
While in rts that peace emote could be for a new char sticker pack which would have cost more most likely and have big benifits to the game
See scopley tencent are kinda like you with money but at least they know that the customer matters and are able to actually regonise competition and know what they need to do to have a steady business
While you guys think your gods and that you can do whatever customers don’t matter and that you have no competitors
But one day someone’s gonna make a game of a simular concept to Twd wwe star trek and if they strive to compete with you your gonna lose a lot of ppl just saying


They dont care. The forums is a container. Nothing actually gets to the team. Everything is just to calm the masses. If things did get to the team, doubt they would care anyways, they still make money so no reason to change, easy money is easy money.

Now i must say, codm is freaking amazing, love it and super excited for the new zombies map. They have all kinds of events, rewards, etc. And it is a test of skill, in rts people have been tricked to thinking its skill, it isnt, just rng.

I would love for an rts game made by a dif company, i love twd, zombies and rts and would love for someone else to show how its done.

Been playing that rise of kingdoms game for coins but i am actually starting to like it. For the most part i am done with mobile gaming, thanks scopely. But some games are cool like codm and i have emulators for gameboy, gba, snes, etc.


This game makes cod and all other games looks like shit


Well said

what is Cod game ?

Call of duty

I started playing that and couldn’t get into it. Seems like it takes to much attention. The one thing I like about rts is that I can log on for a few minutes and do what I need to do and be done for awhile or until I have to get back on

CoD is boring asf. That franchise has been garbage for 10 + years now. All the dedicated CoD players gripe about RNG boxes and greed in that game too bud. Oh and FPS games on anything other than a pc is lol.

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