Cod mobile is adding nacht (extreme addition)

When I mean extreme addition I mean it
They added pap but like a relly bad version
Which increses 2k per wepon upgrade but like it makes rounds easier at about 5th upgrade
Your only allowed 4 perks however they are random so prey to the luck
While we also at it the oil drums are back and if you shoot them all you get into the ak area which makes surrving easier not to mention where the plane is is now a area…however if you think you could surrvive it because that’s e z
Then good luck because denizens said fuk the fog we going nacht so oof… Best thing to do is run and do not let them get close be aware of zombies because they chill on the zombies head before going on your head and attempt mating
If they do 2 things can happen 1 always however
You will most likely die… Unless you magae to run and knife without getting cornered
You will get traumatised
So yeah
Pls give me alcohol denizen out of nowhere is how I died :frowning: