C'mon now, that's uncalled for


Alright scopely, you need to quit being jackasses and unsensor the word KINKY. I use it in my everyday vocabulary so get to it, nothing wrong with it. I’ll spend more too :wink:


Lmfao my boyfriend @Maximus couldnt say screenshot…
The censorship is out-fcking-rageous. Its funny too that they wont comment on any of these hate threads bc they know its bullshít. Some people cough scopely just like to sit back and watch the rts world burn


Guess you could say they’re ironing out a few kinks in the system


I think its a fun game to try and think of the context that would cause the seemingly innocent words to be censored


Pretty much this :+1:


Yes max cant say that but i cant say anything been trying for 3 days now and cant seem to get customer service to fix my shit im in the same faction as u guys seeing yall chat makes me wanna quit for good


Ppl still use game chat for something other than gg gl towers and friendly deul?


Guess you could say they’re ironing out a few ##### in the system


This game is garbage. Dont u dare spend another penny until the chat filter is removed. Im taking my money to another game or anything else really that treats us like adults.


On one hand they show players violence (I mean you literally watch children die when you play against sophia, duane, carl, etc.) but they act like this game is for children.

You guys better wake up and do something great for your players instead of release garbage stuff like this. Might aswell limit clicks when opening the apps and sell us extra clicks?


When talking to customer service have you immediately come off as a dick? I only ask(not trolling) because I have had two people get chat ban & when timer was up they couldnt chat. They emailed customer service & it got sorted, but then again they arent quick to be hot heads & the words they got censored was funny asf since it was something silly like broom.


Yes…and this update is destroying that…




Can i ask how much u spend exactly on this game?


0 dollars since monday amd will continue to be that way until they get rid of the filter. Ive spent way too much as far as im concerned now.


I have to try out a few replacement words

  1. You are a can’t
  2. Just fek off
  3. Suck my Deck
  4. Wonker
  5. Geez your a twit
  6. Bring it on fit boy
  7. Your attack sicks
  8. Deck head
  9. Don’t be such a Snowflake
  10. Pess off


Ahh u spent too much? Makes sense. I made similar post about game is ass and it went down pretty fast. Urs still going strong :joy::sunglasses::+1:



Kinky should be allowed


U can’t say “killing reds” I mean how is that filtered!!


You have to say non-surviving reds. Don’t be so negative all the time, lol.