C'mon Man! Design My Character


I think Yvette Nicole Brown is cool & everything, but I’m gonna need a character of my own.

Something indestructible, a cross between Wolverine & Deadpool type character.

At least create a competition where the winner gets their very own toon made up



I like this idea. 5* event reward is a template where you upload a pic of yourself and it generates something that looks remotely similar. Like in some other games out there. And you could pick from a variety of leadskills and traits.


Yeah, I want my character to be a green 6* human shield with 1500 attack, 2000 defense, 2500 HP, with stun when defending on dual longswords default weapon. I also want my character only given out to myself.


Man my char would be stunned every 2 turns as an active skill… need some sleep, bye :wave:t2: