CM roadmap bug? Pete gets impaired with no apparent reason

On the 1-6: Sanctuary roadmap stage 8, I have finished wave 1 with filling Pete’s AR (by killing a standard walker), so have been quite surprised to start the wave2 as follows:

You can clearly see it is the start of the wave - no dead walker silhouettes on the floor, no walker HP bars indicating they could have been hit (except the one selected for target, which is a Def boost type and at max HP), all toons active, yet Pete suffers from a 4-turn impair??? The impair walkers grant a 4-turn impair (for next 3 turns), but that would have required Pete to hit any of them, which he clearly did not, at least not in this wave yet - while status carryover (if you wouldn’t believe my intro) forom previous wave would have put the counter down to 3 or less…

Happened to me as well, 4 stages in a row. Kenny impaired for the first 3 stages, and then on the fourth my Erin was impaired? Strange stuff

Strange… it happened to me just once (at least in the stages I played manually [typically the final act stages only])

Finished all 3 roadmaps. I noticed that when it happened, it was on the 5 wave walker stages, usually wave 4, and usually on the same stages that had impair walkers. Thought it was just one of the walkers “skills” that did it, so I didn’t pay it much attention.

These guys impair

for whatever reason some ‘boss’ walkers no longer display boss tags that they have impair/stun/reflect etc now you just got to remember the models.

Yeah I noticed this a while back with some of the reflect damage walkers. The pre-screen didn’t show any special walkers and the walkers themselves didn’t display any different but on auto I kept getting 2 stars

That’s well understood, but these guys can impair you for 4 turns only if you hit them. My Pete has a 4 turn impair applied (check white segments in the status wheel), but he has not acted yet - it’s a completely fresh turn start…

So there must be one mofo that secretly casts impair (maybe other statuses) at the beginning of the wave to a random teammember?


Could he be impaired from his last hit on Wave 1?

Could be but then should only be a 3 turn impair (at the start of the next wave) - so seems buggy either way

Exactly… and I actually killed the last (normal no trait nothing special) walker with Pete to max out his rush at the end of wave1…

So there is a hidden walker saboteur in there - like Mercer’s stun up to 5 at the beginning of each wave, there’s a impair one enemy at the start of the wave, lol

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