CM Expectations


Hello everyone.

I understand that what is expected of the Community Manager can be different from title to title, community to community.

What I experienced on other titles is different than here on TWD:RTS. And vice versa for you!

I want to focus on what’s most important – relaying important info when I can. (This includes everything from blogs, to social media graphics and posts, to livestreams (hope we can do this one day), to FAQs, etc.

The other most important thing is reporting your feedback to the team. I know this is touchy because for so long it wasn’t taken. I know you cringe when you hear “I’ll take it to the team.” However, this is literally my job – to report what you’re saying, to the team. This, combined with the first item are the most important. Absolutely. I agree.

However, I will not respond if I don’t have an answer 100% locked in. There have been times where I try to help, things change, and matters are only worse. So, to prevent any confusion – I will be responding when I can contribute 100%. (Or, to point you in the right direction.)

I can promise you I report everything you say and the biggest topics and points in conversation are priority #1 !

I know things move slower than we’d want, I know it would be preferred that every single bit of feedback is seen in-game right away. But! The best we can do as a team is make sure I’m getting the info you feel the most passionate about so I can relay it. Period.

That means that we should make it as accessible as possible. So it’s easy for the devs to see your most important thoughts and feedback at a glance, including myself so I can document it easier and get it in front of the team faster. This is the reason why we must follow rules and guidelines – to help improve this process.

The other reason is to make it so all feel welcome and treated with respect. That way, there is more involvement within the forums, more feedback, more engaging discussion, etc. But! to be apart of this forum – you must treat others the same. I want more of you on here, more devs on here – not less. So, let’s work together to make it a place players want to be to talk TWD:RTS and work together to improve things!

This is a tool. I understand you want to vent, you like to vent – for years, the forum was the place you went to vent – but violating the rules and guidelines while venting will go no where. It’s not helpful for our end goal as a team.

Now, if you feel the need to vent in any way you want – feel free to go anywhere else to do so. That is fine, and will allow this tool to become what it was meant to be in the first place – a way for us to improve the game.

I understand my answers get buried, I want to help fix that where I can. But, will I always have an answer? No. Will I be able to give approximate dates? Not often. Will I be able to help with support tickets? No.

Do I care what you have to say? Absolutely. Do I document it? Constantly. Do I say how you feel face-to-face with the team? Every day. Do I care how you feel and what you’re passionate about. Yes!

My promise to you is I will always do my best and I am the advocate for you. I am your voice. You, IUGO, Scopely, and I are all a team. Do we all want the game to be more fun, exciting, running smoothly, and something the players enjoy? Yes. Will everything everyone wants be made real – no. Do we consider how you feel about the game and what’s important to you? Always.

Let’s work together to make RTS better!

This is all me. No bullshit. I am here because I want to be.

Thank you to all who make the forums a better place day to day. Thank you to all who offer feedback and suggestions. I promise to always do my best for you and RTS!

Kindest regards,

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Oh. K. Thanks


Seems like another Albert style letter. You’ve said alot and shown little. Certainly not the feedback you claim to provide.

You could highlight key feedback provided to the team (even show direct snippets)… But you wont

How about starting with the food/gear depot nerf. Clearly the feedback is clear.

Do I expect anything to come of our feedback… No… I expect nothing… I await the next twisted release that further degrades our experience and engagement.


Ok… so, get someone on here who has some pull. These recent changes have been absolutely brutal. Get Albert here so he can answer for these decisions. No player feedback is being considered and this new Depot is a sign.


Please show me where a CM shows their reports to the public and I’ll take a look.

You obviously don’t trust me. I’m not asking for trust. Just respect as you should respect everyone within this forum.

Not every change made in the game is directly based on feedback. That is mentioned in the post.

The update is not live yet. When it goes live, let’s work together to report the feedback.


Appreciate this post Kalishane, but some of the posts often dont get an awnser (like the world can in war) and that frustrates people.
Is there any way you could do a weekly post/summary that runs over the issues that have been prominent each week . Even if its a simple list e.g
World Cans , Acknowledged, Devs say bug ,working on it no ETA
Gear Depot, Acknowledged, No Intended change until we see how it performs in beta
Support issues, New head of support working on it
ect. and keep adding and removing from the list as necassary
This kind of response post even if its once a week will help us acknowledge that you have seen the post and we aren’t just being ignored.

Additionally if you could get heads of departments in for Q/A every so often it would be great to know what they see the progression of the game heading.

Finally please set up a player council even if its with the mods on this forum , maybe make them non disclosure agreements and run potential developments through with them first before wasting time on developing ideas, as these guys are more likely to b able to spot potential game play problems/imbalances months before man hours are wasted on them


As long as puns, memes, and bad Photoshops have a place, I’ll have something to look forward to and contribute.

Dunno if they’ll always (or ever) be funny, but they’ll be contributed! That’s a thing!


I hear you!

  1. World Cans - I haven’t gotten an answer so i’m not answering.
  2. Gear Depot – We’re still looking into it.
  3. Support – A lot has changed in support that’s good. I.e. We now have coverage 24/7. It will not be a dramatic improvement immediately. New team, etc.

That’s what I have for you! I do my best but – I can’t respond this often because I have a lot to take care of. Responding to things I can’t answer is not the best use of my time. Does that make sense? I have a lot of other things to do as a CM. That’s why I feel the best use is to answer when I can.

QandAs would be great! :slight_smile: I want to do more! If we want to come up with ideas of what departments you’d like to see I will see who I can wrangle!

Player council. I would love to! I haven’t done so yet because I’m already working a 11+ hour day. When things get more organized, like the forums, I can focus more on that. Or, I can take more time away from this to that. Which will most likely have to happen. I would love to do this though.


Plow forward regardless of feedback. Got it.

Trust. I don’t trust Scopely. With regards to you, your just the CM, i neither trust or distrust you. I don’t hold anything personal against you nor would I pretend this reflects you as a person. I’m sure your fun and friendly in real life.

In the end its my view from playing for over two years that the development team devalues its players input and is not committed to making a great gaming experience. I was patient, gave the team time but what’s the point when overwhelmingly negative beta feedback isn’t being acted upon?


Hmmm… That’s not what I said. We’re looking into it right now! We had a meeting a bit ago but – we haven’t landed anywhere yet. There will be a post if and when a change is made.

I hear you. I understand why you’re frustrated. Completely. I’m here to do my job to the best of my personal ability and that’s what I’ll do. I can promise you that. I will also apologize if and when I mess up as I am human. I can also promise this.

It is acted upon – you just don’t see it on the outside. For example – something will be one way, shown to me, then I say “it should be this! i’m telling you, the community will feel this way.” and there’s either a big change, or a compromise. It wouldn’t be visible to you unless it’s exactly the feedback shared – which has happened here and there but I promise, I do understand.



I don’t envy your position. Or maybe I do? How much do you make? :wink:

With all the “complaints” on here it can certainly be a challenge to navigate. Looking beyond all the smoke there are essentially 2 things that have set you up to fail and that you may be able to remedy.

  1. Albert - haven’t read his letter and don’t plan to but it does appear that he talked out of turn. There should be a response from him concerning the reasons as to why his letter did not come to fruition. I suppose you could research this and answer it as well. You don’t like timelines but he implied timelines and…you can see.

  2. 6* buff - not so much that they were buffed but that the reason was that players requested it. Seriously? That is simply not believable.

Your biggest hurdle is building trust or goodwill with a possibly abused player base. If not for these 2 things I believe you would have a passing grade at this point. They do not seem to be going away and the longer they linger the bigger the hill you have to climb. Good luck!


Why anytime do we ask for a specific map, do we suddenly get offers?
Why when there is literally hundreds of people begging for stuff, stuff they would grind for, does it get put behind a paywall?
I have always tried my best to be respectful to all involved in this game, but you gotta understand why people get very frustrated… :fearful:


Hi unknown.

I understand and thank you.

I can tell you that A. a lot of this happened before my time. (even the buff was in the works before that.)

I can’t speak to it personally. Though, I do remember hearing people thought 6*s were crap a lot.

I have met with Albert – we have looked over the promises – we are moving forward on a lot of them – it will just take time. I am doing the best I can to make any and all come to fruition. But that’s all I can do. I understand you’re frustrated. Continue to voice them and I will continue to share.

I wish I could bring you more regarding this but as a CM – there’s only so much I can make happen.

I will do what I can always!


Hi Chaz!

I am not in charge of offers and I can’t speak to your second point as that’s not my wheelhouse either.

I can answer any CM related questions or questions about actual development. (with the help of @Shawn.Scopely :wink: )


Could you kindly take it to the team for some farmable gear / parts maps?


I will continue to do so. Have in every meeting.


I appreciate that Kalishane, they were just examples .
But i honestly think a list maybe updated weekly and pinned would help alot of issues on the forum and potentially clean it up, so we dont get the same questions asked daily like when is supply depot getting a revamp or a way to get rid of wood, etc.

If this post by you or someone else from scopley was pinned and updated lets say weekly, e.g
1- World Cans , asked Waiting on response ( a week later you get response .and it the post updated to say its now permanent change for normal wars )
2- Gear depot , (monitoring)

This would allow a concise area for known issues, or feedback to be seen and what scopley are looking at and what they arent, this is why issues that @CombatMan @CombatDevIl have knowledge of are so much better as they often have quick concise answers such as the 8% wording change, that could have been a major problem if it was run by live ops etc whose communication is next to zero with the community, a board like this will allow us to see status of issues


I hope that they will finally start to listen to you then. Thanks for replying :+1:t2:


I like this idea. I think I started doing this in the beginning – but I lost track.

Possibly @MICK_DEAD_END could work with me on this? We obviously can’t have every single thing on there – but only items that I have a response to and a continuous update for. Otherwise, that could get crazy.


It would be the top threads of the day. Those are visible here >>