Club update said live but isnt

I updated but club isnt live

I don’t see no update

I just got it try clear play store and look

Im iPhone

It won’t go live until everyone has updated I would think

May be why… usually Android users get update first

Myself, my wife and daughter all have update from play store

They have most likely received the 18.0.1 Beta Update, exclusive to Google Play users for now :slight_smile:


When will the update go live? Before AOW or after AOW?

Before. So bugs can ruin war.


On the final sprint, it highly depends on our platform partners (App Store and Google Play) and their fluctuant delay to green light an app to go live.

In short, it’s currently hard to advance a concrete time where it will land for sure, although we’ve been preparing for it, and have modified the AOW timing accordingly.

It’s just around the corner by now.


I have update from beta but other 2 arnt in beta and got update is why i thought is was live… thx @JB.Scopely

so if it is around the corner than you surely got info on those roadmaps for gear to level Andrea, right?


nothing here either, google play UK

Said update on the app store for me. Updating now.

lol meant Andrea :slight_smile: but thanks i guess

18.0.1 Is our versions

Still nothing. Not even on Beta.

yeah i smell strolls

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