Club Rewards never complete

I never will be able to complete this mission?
Anyone can complete?
So many weeks and not a single time…
Whats that?


Only open one bag next week. Collect your mission for gaining 2 comics and save the other bags. The week after, open your saved bags and complete all the missions.

You’re not going to get 9 comics unless you save bags. The mission is not intended to be completed every week.


Another piece of advice is weeks you get the 4 Rick collectibles dont open any bags.

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What bags are you referring to?

S-club mission bags

IDK what bags those are

you damm ass… she means you receive 3 bags by completing sc roadmap every week , you need to open 1 bag this week and next week you will hve (2+3)=5 bags means you can get at least 9 comics to complete that mission

Thank you

thank you

What sc roadmap are you talking about, you damn* ass? :kissing_heart:

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