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Well I’m not sure if anyone else if having trouble with this… last few zombies just keep killing my team!!! Used loads of energy and it happens on every stage!!! Really annoying now

Didn’t happen to me, but others here have mentioned it happening yesterday. Sounds like the same thing at least.

The same here. Boring

Who are you running?

This is a bug with the beta version of the game, unfortunately. I’ll see if I can get a status update but may not hear anything until Monday.


I use this team for walkers and I skate right through

If you’re not on the beta version of the game, you don’t have this problem with indestructible walkers. It’s not an issue of “I’m not good enough to beat these walkers”, it’s a bug where the walkers can hit you but your team never gets a turn.

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It is happening to me as well. If a zombie has a chance to hit my team they just keep beating them all up until the team is dead. My team doesn’t even try to tickle them back and just stands there like a bunch of newbs

I also noticed there are usually 1-2 in the shadows that never come forward.

Oh, yeah I’m not in the beta. But I was like holy shit that’s a fuck ton of walkers in one stage lol

And this is why you don’t beta test a product that has no proper qa…

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