Clover token conversion rate


Does anyone know how many supply points you get per clover token


Your better off doing stash or neckless. I’m at will be usually 10-20% back even full amount not worth it over free gear or things in stash


I’ve already completed the stash… Its not worth 100 clover tokens for at most 350 necklaces to me


But does anyone know the rate?!?!?!?!


And Ive already gotten all the GPS and canteens and Lucas that I can get from the necklaces


I just doing more neckless I have almost 90k sp so just be collecting dust


Ya the supply points are worth it more to me … I’ve had a future ascendable in my Depot every week… I bought an Andrea last week so I want more Depot points


I’m playing waiting game I would hate to buy toon from there and there the next barker or Kelly


But it’s still basically a free ascendable


And once they go live 6 star they tend not to show up in my Depot anymore … I already have Glenn ty and gov but they never show up in my Depot anymore


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