Clover event #vksentthis


So to help us get some more necklesses there will be this thing imparently
If it helps to get me more gear then fine by me
I have a melee team I’ve been trying to make for a bit but hopefully I can lvl much carer than a snails pace
As I’ll say don’t if it’s true but it is what it is


Wonder if this is legit


vk has been a reliable source for tourney, event and promo info.


As long as they don’t remove aquamarine necklaces in order to give us clovers… with which to get necklaces…

Or remove other gear.
Make it additional or super generous or don’t bother


I think the best part is the stash
Altough the wheel could be decent
Anyway this is at the moment just text on paper so we are still in dark but have a general idea


Sounds like they are going to add another step to getting the necklaces. Is it for all events or just faction events? If your in a top faction this will be great if your in a mid or casual faction this does not sound good at all. I guess we will see tomorrow.


It’s the other group, that one only steal data and sell coins


Well we see tomorrow. Hopefully it’s TRUE. Will be nice to have a different way to get more necklaces.


It’s VK, so likely more reliable than scopely


Theres lots to discover tomorrow
Like rng chances on crates in Premier
And what the wheel and stash actually contain
Just keep updated with vk rts number 1 antiheroes
Would vk class as antiheroes doe


I suspect that’s exactly what they do. As such glad I’ve already capitalized on what I needed.


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