Closing topics and stuff

Why does LadyGeek keep closing peoples topics and such?

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Who tf is kalishane?


It was someone on the forums,I mixed them should be fixed now though

I know, was just messin around. Keep surviving :wink:

LadyGeek closes topics to get rid of unnecessary threads (because there are others that talk about the same thing) and to stop threads from turning into flame wars (like if the thread is about a controversial subject like Scopelys practices) or if the thread just does not make sense and will very likely get no comments in it.

Should probably at least state the reason you are closing the topic though. It would help with confusion.

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According to the TOS, “Discussion (or inquiries) of flagging or deleted comments in the public forum is prohibited”.

I close threads because they’re against the TOS (“this forum is a place for civil discussion”) or because they’re going to be removed later anyway. Any questions about moderation can be discussed in PM with @ForumModerator.