Closing the gap and exclusive war

Due to faction raid instead of an AOW next weekend, and top teams in the game being in TOC, this means that the top teams get even more opportunity than normal to pull on the war wheel whilst everybody else doesn’t. This is the opposite of closing the gap.
Furthermore, since you haven’t scaled war prizes properly since the introduction of more regions in CRW, Blitz and AOW are where many players pick up far more war tokens in comparison.

You have an easy win if you change faction raid to a blitz or AOW this weekend.
@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely


You act like these war pulls will help the top factions.


Thats a fair point, but they might help lower down teams. The War wheel is awful but it’s the principle. If they do what they are planning to do now, they may do it again on a better future war wheel. Better try get them to make the change now rather than have them forge a precedent (although admittedly they already did during pathways).

Good luck with that

ToC regions haven’t had additional pulls on the war wheel either, we “fought” for the other trash tokens

Really?!? I was totally unaware of that. Jeez, that is awful.

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Yep tokens not war ones… I’m glad were out of TOC tbh and I’d rather do raids :slight_smile:


They are so out of touch it’s unbelievable. “Blazing hot rewards” can only relate to the dumpster that was ablaze near to the server room when someone pressed the event start button

@Swishy lucky you. We have at least one more weekend of this bs to endure for an event where the winner has pretty much all ready been decided anyway.


Those “blazing hot rewards” relate to romanovs rush…


The blazing hot rewards are a joke. Didn’t even round up the canteen with 50 percent more rewards. Disgraceful.

Not running the 1,000 token roadmap is such a slap in the face. It was a clear play to get players to spend coins or actual money on their bogus deals all weekend. What a terrible decision.

The WD event was the absolute worst in history. I’m glad some got lucky 10,000 pulls but no event should rely solely on rng. Coming in first place over and over and coming away with zero is outrageous. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely tell the team thanks for wasting a whole month of gameplay for nothing. That includes the TOC war prizes. Disgrace.


Welcome to the awesome Summer tokens!!
Our event rewards for the next 3 weeks no doubt :joy:

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This whole game has turned into RNG. Seems like they have nothing left in the pot.

Pull for items to perhaps get enough to actually get the toon you might want to spend money on? Or end up with stuff that may or may not give you an omelette?

I mean - I have hopes for PU still and the message they’ve sent out. And I keep telling myself that what we are seeing right now is only already planned stuff that they for some reason decided not to postpone but…

I don’t get it :disappointed:


PLEASE keep faction raid!!! @GR.Scopely

I would donate my two 6* vincents to low players in an instant.

what do u mean
have u seen those teams of Vincent so op

I had an idea of what they could do, probably won’t work cause my ideas don’t normally. My idea is there would be 2 war tokens wheels. One, the tokens could only be gotten by lower scoring players and the other would be gotten by mid to high scoring player. Obviously the lower tier tokens would get either gen one characters or the 1 or 2 gen 2 mediocre character. The people who get the good tokens would get good gen 1’s and 2’s. The only problem i see with it is some factions would get in the middle and get the low and mid tier tokens.

Not to mention the internal fighting inside a faction to get into war to get a higher score. And the end of helping each other reaching milestones.

War is a faction event and not a solo event :blush:

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