Which the best toons(*4,*5,*6) to clear the walkers on a sec?


Rocket abe


That somewhat depends on the battle situation:

If you want to clear out weak or mediocre walkers really fast (in wars or terretories for instance), you’re looking for high-damage toons with a rush that can hit three or more enemies at the same time. Like the Abraham suggested by Rhaast.

If time is not of the essence, even overpowered walkers like the sweetheart in the picture below can be defeated with a budget-team centered on critical hits.
(Red) Kelly as a lead, fill the rest with red toons (two of them with some form of crit-buff), give them crit-weapons and you’re good. Even 2-Star-Georges will do the trick. You don’t need 5-Star-toons at all to handle any walker the game throws at you.

(Of course you can build a crit team with yellow, green or blue toons as well. Red just seems to have some affinity to eliminating walkers.)


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