Clear Current Situation Comparison (Feat. Sonic Boom (Eww))


And there you go.


Very confused about what I’m seeing. Not with the comparison but the ‘Sonic Boom’ thing.


This is pretty off topic (No pun intended), but Sonic Fans have been criticizing Boom for not going along with the canon story. And it’s kind of bad compared to other Sonic stuff.

Now if you’re confused about the situation here, it’s just the hedgehog kicking an evil(er) version of his ultimate enemy, Eggman.


Brain.exe has stopped responding


Inb4 the amazing logic of “no one is forcing you to compete in the LU, yo”. Because that’s why we’re still here, to not compete in a game that we play.


Well I do still compete, since almost no one will be exactly competing for these rewards. I like it, but I’m just putting it up as the general view of verterans and players who already have what they need.



Can’t wait for that faction sr, it will be a breath of fresh air. Before the LU galore I actually disliked sr tourneys. Not anymore, sir, not anymore…


Agreed. Not only it gives you extra XP and extra SR Points, it does have fine rewards and is deliciously challenging. Now that the Assault Tickets are in, I hope they can be Stage rewards sometime there.