Cleaning up regions

Is there anyway yo clean up regions , say if ppl haven’t played in more then a year their profile disappears including dead factions with ghost in them.

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Why, though? It doesn’t affect the ‘activity level’ of a region. Takes up a tiny bit more disk space.



Say you have an older region there are a lot of ghosted ppl that have ranks in raids that haven’t played for year plus. It’s not big of deal just curious if it was possible. Would help kind of sum up which regions have how many real players. :slight_smile:

A better estimate of the number of “real players” would be obtained by looking at solo tourney scores. Just because a player logs in doesn’t mean they actually do anything.

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I mean really look the scroll bar is not even a 1/4 of the way down the screen and I am at what 20k on leaderboard of raids…I thought one of the updates was going to clean up unused accounts.


Honestly, I just wish they’d merge the low and medium activity regions in with the large or something. The attrition level makes it hard af to recruit these days. We need fresh meat.

Yes top faction in dead region means we have to keep some dead beats just to keep us going. Drives me crazy.

Can’t do that with 90k in total dead accounts. You want the game to blue screen? Then you’ll have to go back to candy crush.

I mean who really cares abt ghosted accounts, is it affecting your gameplay in anyway?

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Most of the time the accounts are still there because players started in one region and then started over in another their first account is always there linked to the second. It could of been one of the first regions or so when the game started,

One thing that’s annoying about accounts that have been inactive since before the onslaught update is that their teams are seemingly still graded on the old system. It’s so irritating to only have a middling S8 team and waste a raid on a team that would be S9, but only shows as S5++.

Accounts for a year that hasn’t logged on haha. My region has factions alone that haven’t had a single member log on for over 3 years. I’m talking prestige 0 players not accounts that play somewhere else there fine in my book. The 0 need to go at this point there better off starting over

Join up with an established group in an amazing region. Wink, nudge, poach.

All these regions now are true apocalyptic in walking dead style. Few actives left surrounded by the mess of dead accounts.
Funny, now I think about it. Scopely has created their own walking dead universe in a sense, congratulations.

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Only part that kills me is they can ban people like crazy but can’t even clean up 1 region of the dead. Also stop making new regions when your og regions need clean ups and possible mergers

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