Classless move lowering rep gained through raiding


So the next classless move by scopely is being shown in the current raid tournament. My faction has control of the territories that give us a 30% bonus reputation for winning battles… but currently we are only being given 5 reputation points plus one additional point for that 30% bonus. My question is why pull such a unneeded douchebag move right when you start a tournament where are you have a 4000 point Max individual accomplishment? Because only a douchebag would do that. Now I know that’s not the points that we get for the tournament, but unnecessarily nerfing actual reputation points that we gain outside of the tournament is stupid. You guys obviously want to watch this game Crash and Burn because you’re not listening to anything that were saying and keep on making things more difficult


Reputation territory is broken, just like how Survivors territory was with certain roadmaps. Also, reputation isn’t counted towards raid trophies.


It’s a visual bug. Check ur logs. U get the correct amount. Also its already got a fix. We are just waiting for an update.


I feel like we’ve been over this. Ad nauseum… @kalishane, a pinned post with known issues and their statuses would be a great way to prevent these.