Classic Example of what is wrong

So i had about 13,000 coins, amassed from recent “opportunities”.

50 pulls for Ryan and didn’t get him. Not a surprise there.

However, it’s what I did get that is one example of many (because this happens to lots of players) why the current system is the biggest pile of horse shit in gaming.

50 pulls:

  • 2 sets of eggs (wtf - not butter?!?)
  • 6 five stars - all non-ascendable
  • 42 four stars

I get that the system for pulling the premier toon is what it is. Tiny “odds” (if you can call it that) mean low chance of outcome. But I spent the equivalent of about £150 of in-game currency and got absolutely nothing. My roster is literally where it was before that.

Now I’ve lost nothing, those coins didn’t cost me a single penny. But is it any wonder people think your company are crooks, liars and cheats when you can take £150 in return for nothing of value what-so-ever.

So do you genuinely think I have any incentive to actually exchange real currency for pulls if that is what is going to happen? No. And roster stagnation is the most likely route to retirement for me.

(Note, I know many have done what I did, spent a lot more and got a lot less - this it about the principle, not the specifics of my situation).


True story

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Il y a dans le code source un flag pour les “payeurs” donc pas de soucis pour eux.

Même si scopely (gm ou modo) dit le contraire.

This is why so many call this game gambling the loot box odds are just wrong.


It’s why I’m basically done. There is absolutely no way to get better if you don’t spend no matter how hard you grind because it’s always is up to crappy rng with piss poor odds and they don’t give out enough free coins to attempt many that many pulls.

If someone is willing to spend $100 they should be guaranteed at least one useable character if not a guarantee on the one they were pulling for in the first place. The greed here is unreal.


True. Except you can also spend and still not get better. How is that for logic?


That is exactly why I can’t wrap my head around pulling for toons. I learned my lesson years ago in the 5star era.

Except for when I had SC and its daily pulls, I simply ignored the premier wheel. Even if I got iTunes gift cards, they went towards offers not pulls.

With the “gift” of coins this week I did my first pulls outside of SC in well over 2 years - and as expected got 5 4stars.


Haven’t done a 40 pull in well over a year. And this is why. The odds and cost for toons in the game are beyond stupid.
When i see some of these OP defences i just think the amount of mula it must of cost that person is shocking.
And is it all worth it? :thinking:




Did 2x40 pulls for Tye from a lucky 20k coins crate. Imagine my delight at not receiving a single ascendable toon.


It depends. Are you the player or scoples? :wink:


After 60 attempts at 20k coins, I didn’t get one. Sadly it as totally expected and saved me the disappointment from the pulls I would have done


I didn’t, but agree with the response all the same

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Same exact boat. 50 pulls for the last one from free coins and I did get one outdated 6* and 400 monkeys. I understand the odds but even the fact that there are maybe half a dozen ascendables in the wheel is garbage. Doing multiple pulls should in some way improve your team even if you don’t get the premier toon. There should be at least a dozen or more relevant ascendables in the pool. What incentive is there if you literally have to do 3 40 pulls before you see any decent return, and add to that each week is a new bigger badder OP toon. 120 pulls a week to keep up with the game is beyond ridiculous.


They did have that for a bit even if it was a bit broken. then all of a sudden changed it back with “better” odds. i might do a single every now and then but odds are so low that its no point anymore

And the new format punishes anyone who isn’t doing multiple big pulls as the collectables then become worthless. At least with a 4star you can get depot points.
They released chances of receiving things worse than 4stars. That was something difficult to do.


Why do you assume the logic was meant to work for you?


I got a 20k crate from the event, the 1250 they gave us, and had about 3000 coins from before. So I’m sitting at about 25k coins. They aren’t getting spent on pulls, I’ll tell you that. The coins are probably going to wind up like sr kits and radios. There to be looked at but barely ever touched.

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Totally agree with everything you said here🤗

Since coin-gate… The market has been flooded with coins. Some people spend them, other people hold them.

Either way, scopely realized how it effected their business model. Their reaction, immediately drop the posted odds on premium toons… And the nested RNG pulls. (And don’t get me started on what those odds really are) And then create these gonzo “missions”

10x 40 pulls gets a gold mod?!?

They’ve painted themselves into another corner… And their reaction is predictably again to double down… Further veer away from the reality of the fun game we all used to know