Class S roadmap , Bad change

Do you think Scopely will change this? BEFORE we only needed 102 torches and it was possible to win 800 icecreams and now we need MOOOOOOORE torches to win LEEEESSSSS items… NICE JOB SCOPELY DON’T STOP MAKINK ABSURD CHANGES.



I don’t know if someone did the same post but if i could i would spam scopely everyday with thousand of love messages

Raising torch cost was unnecessary but it’s good that

  • All are in one place
  • A small amount can be gotten for each day free of torches

It’s not all a bad change


Where we can find those free torches every day? Events? Events only got live every 1/12h day or every 2 days, so this mean we will need 3 events (or a entire week) to get enough for ONE roadmap.
Yes, not all a bad change


I would agree with this move if they increase the torches drop via events, but knowing Scopely business of course they will downgrade the amount of torches. Expect only 50 for every event milestone

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Free of torches. Act 1 uses world energy.


Saving my torchs tho :rofl: hope they add some cakes for Heng Yen soon and increase the s class items

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I would like it to stay if the amount was pushed up to about 250 of each as a think 130 is laughable.

As I see it it takes 5 days to get the same amount as what the torch boxes are giving you and in those five days you probably won’t even have enough torches to do the the second part of the road map

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I’m only 2000 off Pete, I’m not waiting for anything lol

Never got anything more then the lowest amount anyway from my bags so the change seems better overall

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each day? need 4 events with half ms done…

Not for Act 1

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