Clarification of increased vs 2x chances

Now that the pull chances are finally being released, can we get some official comment on the terminology behind “increased” and “2x” chances please? The current Shiva promo’s inbox message says the former, but the odds via the question mark icon don’t show anything different.



Last I understood the x2 chances just meant for that specific character, not the rarity. Chances to get epic, ascendable, or legendary don’t change but if you pull one you get double chances for that character

I was one told that anytime a character is on promo, you have increased chances of pulling said character. This was all pre-guaranteed

I know the conventional wisdom regarding these terms, but an official, i.e., Scopely, definition will eliminate any and all heresay.

Chances of getting any 1 6* out of the few that are in the wheel is 1%. Lets say there are 5 6s in the wheel. You would probably assume each one has equal chance to be pulled so overall a particular 6 has .2% odds. Increased chances to me means that out of that 1% chance at a 6* that featured 6* has .3% chance of being pulled and the other 4 make up the rest of that 1%. But this doesn’t take into account that they probably weighted the 6s too. It is probably set up so that you’ll have better odds at pulling 1 over another. Just like the 6 wheel we had last week. Erika from all pulls reported had slim to no chance of being pulled.

I agree with all of the above, but there needs to be a disambiguation. Thus begins the next chapter in the fight against loot boxes… :pensive:

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there’s crate inside the crate. I love it :wink:

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