Clarification needed on Horde size cap

I noticed someone mentioning they were attacked by someone using a hack on the horde size. So that triggered my curiosity to check my own defense defeat history. And I found this guy being able to set up a horde of size 154 when the cap is “apparently “ only 100.
I think he is cheating but I might be mistaken since this is a new event so I am a noob to it.

Happened to me too. I was raided by someone with 15 whisperers. Not sure if it was graphical bug or someones cheating.

I know you can go way over with biters if you have boom box walkers, but otherwise it’s either a cheat or a glitch.

Well it is definitely a bug. Because i checked an attack I did and was showing way more walkers than what i have. I think it is related with the walker with the radio who adds other walkers each turn.

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