Claiming the log in rewards kick me out of the game

Hi, when I try to claim the free offer for logging in March, the game kick me out.

How can I solve this, I tried to claim logging in other phone and It didn’t work.



Getting the same issue, collected my first 10
Tokens but the offer still there if I try to collect again it resets. @kalishane @Agrajag maybe when I pass the 2nd time reset it will let me. Worth looking into.

Someone in my faction said they were having this problem

I have the same issue, every time I collected, the game reset and restarted immediately and the free gift shows up again, it’s an infinite loop.

You’re only supposed to get it once, but there’s an issue where sometimes it’ll still be available. Ignore it in this case, because you aren’t meant to be able to purchase it a 2nd time.

I have yet to claim it once