Claiming S Class Pete red velvet cake collection

So my S Class Pete is maxed T3, I believe that’s level 130, right? Why can I not claim the red velvet collection? In order to have an S Class, I obviously have two level 90 6s invested. The collection requires only a maxed 6. Didn’t we have this exact same problem the last time you guys did a 250 cake collection and you had to fix it? Maybe somebody could’ve remembered that and applied the same patch retroactively. Please fix this Scopes, @GR.Scopely or whoever needs to be tagged in… I shouldn’t be penalized because you’ve forced a gear lock and I can’t max anybody anymore…

Needs to be tier 4

Yeah I just said that. It says he needs to be lvl 90. An S Class is two lvl 90. Read.

Can I have those vc please

It’s not maxed T4 to level 150

Still needs to be tier 4 regardless of the level, you said yours is T3

Laziness. They decided to copy/paste the 6* Pete Anderson over to the S class collection without altering the Pete Anderson you need to collect. They only changed the profile to S class.

Oh. So the 250 collection is only for S Class? A regular maxed 6* won’t work?

You can use the regular maxed 6* for the 500 cake collection.

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I might be wrong but the 2 red velvet pete’s one is regular and one is s-class, you would have to have the regular pete maxed for red velvet #43 and s-class maxed for red velvet #45 collections. i thought you could only get s class pete either from blue keys or if you happened to have pulled him on the first release, there is no 2 legend pete for s class pete collection. maybe that why it doesnt work? Personally, i’d love to have that problem.

Do you see a difference? Neither says S Class. Both show I’m unqualified. Even if the 250 is only for S Class, the 500 should certainly qualify since I have an S Class.

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Click on the info button on Pete in each collection and view profile. One is S class and the other isn’t.

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But your S class is T3, it needs to be T4 L90

:roll_eyes: Jesus man

Do you have a pete maxed on 6*

Yup. I see it now. That makes sense as to why one gives same rewards for half cakes. This still brings me to my original point, although adjusted thanks to your observation.

An S Class is TWO LEVEL 90 6s, therefore I should at least qualify for the 500 collection.

Agreed as you have already surpassed the 6* version and this needs changed in the future as it’s only logical.

Right, let us explain this in simple terms:

Red Velvet Collection 43 requires:

  • 500 Red Velvet Cakes and a
  • Tier 4, Level 90, Six Star Pete Anderson

You can confirm it is a Six star by clicking on the “i”, viewing profile and seeing that it is a six star version

Red Velvet Collection 45 requires:

  • 250 Red Velvet Cakes and a
  • Tier 4, Level 90, S-Class Pete Anderson

You can confirm it is a S-Class by clicking on the “i”, viewing profile and seeing that it is a S-Class version.

Not sure what is so difficult to understand about that?


This was an issue the first time they did a 250 or 500 offer and they patched it part way through.

Unfortunately that’s how it is. Makes 0 sense. Should be EITHER S version t1 lvl 1 OR 6 star version maxed.