Claiming free offer is broken


When I hit collect it crashes, just spins to load and then reopens the app.


The same problem here. i will let this reward go but i hope next one is fixed


It’s happened to a few people, I would say report it to support but to be honest I don’t want to waste you time.

As best I can tell the few people this has happened to have been able to collect as usual the following day.


over a week ago I reported it. Totally blew me off


There’s barely any difference between that answer & just not answering at all tbh.


That response is more insulting than nothing all


Im gonna make a list of scopelys 2018 biggest fails sometime in the next couple of days…
Its gonna be a good meme.


Same thing. Claimed the free reward then it immediately showed up again. When you try to claim it a second time, the game reloads. Definitely annoying but not game breaking at least.


I believe its a bug. Its happened to me also. I get my free one then another pops up right after. You click on it and it forces your game to reset. My advice would be not to click on it. Your getting 3 total where 1 is a bug tht resets your game. At least that is what its been with me


I’m pretty sure a dev responded to this already. You got the free offer the first time u clicked it. The second appearance of the offer is a visual bug.