City view expansion


Any word on when the city view will be expanded? I know I could use more houses to hold more survivors. Maybe an additional armory/scavenger camp


When the sun rises in the West and sets in the east.


Nothing to make money… so probably never


Looks like they’ll expand it for the mods building, but the only screenshotnove seen indicates no additional other buildings :frowning:

There have been a lot of good suggestions on the forums for what could be added, it would be great to see something new.


They’ve introduced new buildings: ascendance monument, museum and now this battle mod factory thing, yet not bothered to use a single bit of the unused town map.

Appreciate you may not want to force players to build and then level these buildings, but that doesn’t mean the space can’t be used


They need to get rid of that shop tab between inventory tab and faction tab.


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