Christmas stash?

Did anybody pulled for this?

Would love the gear and the new toon but not going to pay for this shit


It ends in one week so it’s not really a Christmas stash, more like an early December stash.

And I am certainly 100% not pulling on this.


It’s about $1200 us for the whole stash, so no

Absolutely people bought for that.
the mindless brainwashed sheep that they are have to have every toon and don’t care about the cost that it incurs.

Not wasting my money on it. I have Christmas presents to buy for friends and family.


the only friend and person you should be buying presents for is scopely don’t you know this.

Lmao. …sorry not getting my money

You must be high for making that comment

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We don’t need fo blame them , it’s Christmas time , they also gotta buy gifts for their families

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