Christmas shiva is


Actually trash. Maim damage is useless with 6* negan, dont be fooled, this shiva isnt much better. Its a shame cause she looks awesome


Meh, a slightly better 6* Abe, but weapon locked, and deals less damage, and cant take advantage of the taunt with a good impair or stun weapon


Shiva is definitely trash. Free to play Shiva can take down this Shiva by her damn self. Stun would make indomintable useless and with a buff Shiva would eat Christmas Shiva up. That Christmas Shiva rush is 76ap like wtf gtfoh. When it do pop it’s only taunt for one turn which is nothing to shout home about. The only thing that scopely should have done to save this cat is lower the AR to 58-66 then she would be a monster. Such a shame please read this before you test your stupidity into buying this Shiva when you get some Christmas money.


Why is that relevant to the topic of shiva?


Miam is trash and Tripp can cure that all day. Lucky for us he has been the best 5* non ascendable character that I still use today.

So give scopely my thanks @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: My sources say no


this shiva looks fucking stupid.

Rush is garbage.
And her Equipped Weapon is a massive insult.

Not only is reflect available for free in the weapon wheel.
It’s actually the worst mod ever.

Simply insulting.
Fucking insulting


Can Tripp cure maim? I haven’t had the chance to test.


because you ask me giving if he stays the same as this pic. I do feel like it makes sense because of the current state of attack teams you would mostly run mirabelle as lead behind some blues like ty , Dwight ect Jesus has great stats defense wise and hp so he can stand his own. His leaderskill is really nice to where I believe Barker would be fantastic behind Jesus because of his stats and fast AR, combined behind Joshua with a heavy crit weapon that collateral damage will do some hurt on blues, guardian Zeke hits hard too so I definitely see a great team behind this Jesus he is good.


Trip does cure maim which defeats the purpose of maim


Fascinating. I didn’t think that’d be possible. I know it’s a penalty, but I thought it only applied to non permanent debuffs like stun, confuse, etc.

Kinda surprised he doesn’t cure decap too. Doesn’t he also cure heal immunity from dead characters?


I just like in his default that he looks like he is holding a blade but it’s not in his hand. And when you equip him with one the stand is still the same


Only been able to test out on one person in my region and he has been past to everyone’s faction cause he is “a little bitch” and if he doesn’t get his way he cry’s. I would post a picture of the level up before this one but then I would get banned.


I wish that boot was upgradable. Love the 4s Jesus kick. Damn shame it’s only default.


Could have easily been some upgradable steel toe boots lol


What is main?


Maim-Reduces the enemy’s HP by whatever amount,can’t be healed with Hp unless you get cured from all penalties


Christmas Shiva Is “Nothing more than a last minute Christmas cash grab from $copely”

Edit to Add: And a shitty one at that.


A p.o.s :joy: