Christmas Offers in the shop - how bad are they?

I uninstalled like 3 weeks ago so I can’t check myself, how shit are they?


And before you ask, I’m still on the forums because this game being a Trainwreck is a very fun comedy to watch, forcing players to level up twice every 4 days is madness.


5000 points for $.99 I guess that’s not bad

Edit:coinss not points

The fuck is a point

Cool kids points, its a new thing they added in RTS that sits beside rep, prestige, etc and lets everyone know how cool you are, more points = more coolness


Also, 5000 coins? No way Scopely would sell that for 50 cents unless they’re going to make a new version of coins…


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S Class coins. :joy::joy:


Hey didn’t you…



Wth are you talking about? That’s not a real offer.

Of course it’s not it was a sarcastic answer to a question posed by somebody who has allegedly quit multiple times.


I guess it’s ok, 99% chance of getting 20 coins and yellow shiva (?

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Yall need to work on your sarcasm haha.

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We buy la for 100 coins a go. Scopely did fix it. Kinda. So not quite the amusement you’re hoping for.

Is there no paint for you to watch drying?

I bought the shiva offer, as I didn’t have her.

Nobodys being forced to lvl up twice. Its only for 1 bear… if you are happy to not hit 60 bears then its a beary cruisy event

I wouldnt buy a .99¢ offer even if it was for scopely to fly me to culver city and piss on a burning walter driver. Jus’ sayin’.

The fact that the only Christmas ‘gifts’ are something you have to pay for is disgusting. Shows once again that they have no appreciation of their player base.
I have honestly never played a mobile game that hasn’t given a decent gift at Christmas. Let alone no gift.


No, everyone needs to remember last week, you got gifted a few cans, and a pull on the weapon wheel they had at the time, That was the Christmas gift. Lol

Our Chistmas gift no one asked for was S class Mercer. You can still “claim” him. Just pull.

Completely garbage.