Christmas & New Year Tournaments

For anyone that has not seen - I have a small request if possible - to move the solo SR event from Christmas day to the 27th and have the first day of Faction lvlup start then, it doesnt matter too much if you are not around for one levelup day but SR is like a 24/7 tournament and that is a horrible day to schedule it on for people.



Preferably there should be no tournaments at all on Christmas Day

1 day SR is too short (especially on Xmas day!) and there shouldn’t be too faction level ups in the same week.

Perhaps have faction level up on 27/28 or even 26-28 and solo raid + faction SR on 29/30

Its solo, meaning optional. Do it, dont do it, no one cares

As with level ups, same here. Nothing matters in these events now

Not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas, so try to take that into account. It’s one event, and unless something drastic happens between now and then, the prizes will still be awful. So skip it and spend time with your family. This is a game, and they are here to make money. Believe me, there are people that will be paying to win a one day event on Christmas no matter what.