Christmas Michonne. 5* looks better than 6*...imo


Sometimes I think less is more.
And in the design of Michonne I think the 5* with the little piece of holly and the simple attire with red bandana seems to suit her more.

Think the 6* has too much going on and just doesn’t look as good.
Looks good but not as good.

As for stats etc…she seems like a interesting choice that could be better than she 1st looks.
Could be used in lots of interesting ways. Not as good in defence I don’t think.

Just wondered what others thought?
As for the toon herself what do you think?


I like the extra ness of the Mich. tbh thought to myself that scopely has been getting lazy with the design of the toons. I think she is decent in usefulness wise


look like piece of hollu hahahaahahahahaha