Christmas is coming scopely

If I wait for a month I’m afraid you’ll have something already planned. So last year people got silence for a log in for 2 months I think. Silence is a good toon a lot of people use her. I couldn’t get silence cause life happened and I didn’t get my log in rewards. This year I’ll give you the opportunity to make it up to me. Also purchased about 50$ worth of those tokens winter. No luck not mad I’m over it cause you have me a great deal in trainers and ascendance medals. Can’t wait for the holidays scopely.

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Solange auto correct. Lol

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You know you can edit your posts right?


Really thought I’d missed out getting silence then


Was legit about to be pissed that I didn’t get silence.


I just bought a coin login. Im gonna be shitty as fuck If I get a trainer instead of a ascendable.

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I’d gladly pay $50 for some silence in my house


Yeah Scopely did a good job with trainers and medals shame about no premier toon for me tho. Why edit when you can just post again. Bossgirl save the attitude for your man he probably most likely earned it. Lol jk

@GR.Scopely will players who didnt get silence get compensation?

Just kidding, you give players plenty of silence :rofl:


It’s free with every login.

You know what I’d like for a gift from Scopely for christmas?
Functional territories.


Me too. I was like " I haven’t even seen that one!" Lmao​:joy::joy::joy:

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Pffft. Dreaming over here.

Dream on bud…

Hate to say it to you, but they’re not worth it to have your hopes up with them, trust us we have been turned over a million times already!

Goodluck to yah, peace out!

Wish he said quiet (metal gear solid)

My sugestion is see 5* santa negan to 6* version santa negan

for chrismas


Best rush name ever

I hope its a decent Christmas event this year. But, based on the last few events lately it’ll be disappointing I’m sure.
I at least hope its more engaging than last year, logging on and claiming a token everyday or whatever it was for solange kinda sucked imo.

Silence is WAY OP!!!

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