Christmas event?


I was wondering if there are any plans for a Christmas event?


No details about events yet, but there will be holiday themed characters again this year. Still waiting for baby :baby: Judith in an elf costume :green_heart: :santa:


Lol seriously? Hahaha a baby with a weapon on the field? That would be pretty funny I guess.


Baby Shiva 3* was heavily requested in my last live stream :stuck_out_tongue:


I still have loads of hats and content from the last years mess they made of it. I think if you tried to sell the old Christmas gear the game crashes.

Christmas event will be some items to be gathered by doing road maps followed by purchasing bags to make the quota to get a character. Likely holiday jeebus.


Same here. Hopefully something we can use those leftovers for.


Someone suggested Shiva as Rudolph in a different thread


Ezekiel in some form of Santa clothing would be interesting.


5* or 6* santa axel /thread


Last year we had a Christmas themed Negan who was a premier recruit. Hopefully it’s not a premier recruit again…


Don’t forget Christmas Rick.


How about Maribelle in a sexy Christmas jumpsuit. Lmao


Or a Christmas related road maps to collect stuff to get epic gear?


Sweet baby Judith!


Judith is buried under her mother’s corpse lmao


haha here are the other suggestions. I like Glenn in an elf costume. Lol


:fast: :rebel: Baby Judith doesnt play.


I always though that Judith or Hershel Jr would be like this:


We already have something like this with The Governor xD. And Judith was alive in the comics… Two issues, but still :stuck_out_tongue:



I would love this only if he’s fat, hairy, and shirtless.


Are you asking if there will be more disappointment?

Because surely there will be more disappointment. Never fear, scopely never fails to deliver on disappointment.