Christmas Event Update


Alright this is not confirmed yet but my theory is that they will have a wheel and Christmas negan and rick will be in it AND Christmas rick will be acendable as seen below this would be a great time to realse him :santa::santa::santa:


Not a bad theory.


Thanks :grin:


oh im sure they will have a new premier toon in the wheel as an β€œevent” not sure how they can have the cheek to put a santa hat on a premier toon which you have to gamble for and call it an event


I hope so the wheel should be made up of only asscendable 5’s and all available ones included and Maybe a gps and canteen but no other gear medals or any other gufff


I can just see the level up milestones already, 4 mil for a beanie, 9 mil for a burt 12 mil for a school bag, scopely must need money for the holidays, because theyre really milking it’s players.