Christmas Event - My Opinion

So my first look at this event made me close my game.

It was too many steps for a final prize that is probably not free to play. There are multiple event missions again that have us going this way and that. Now it is a continuation of last words and I don’t mind the letter mission having us do missions where we need to figure out the clues, I just find some of them to be more challenging and needlessly so. Again we have another character that we need to defeat…payback Negan. But friendly raids don’t count. I haven’t seen him in a roadmap yet, but have beat one in a real raid. Great. But what about the regions where no one has a Negan? Or the players who struggle against some of the pete, negan, ryan etc combos that can be tough. I know before Scopely added roadmaps to use characters as assists a while back, but I feel like we need that now too.

The player level upgrade is simple enough to understand but the vast amount of exp needed to upgrade even with an SR tournament going on is high. SR being in a workweek forces people to can if they have somewhat busy lives. I do like that the elf hats are in milestones rather than rank rewards but I worry that the next SR event we have will be Nightmare mode. There were a number of posts on the forum last SR event when it was Hard mode. Many people struggled with this - new to the game, smaller rosters, lack of time etc. So I hope that for the duration of this event that we do not have any Nightmare roads, or if we do that the elf hats are scaled accordingly.

Now princess as a toon looks great so far, unique kit that I think could help a lot of people. 10 teddys for a 5* I think is fair and achievable for all. I just hit 4 bears and am scrolling through the event missions - with the max collection of teddys being 550 I am assuming this is the ceiling number of bears you can get without spending and this would be if you achieve absolutely everything immediately - aka I don’t think it’s actually achievable for f2p. I expect as a free to play player to get 2 5* princesses, but have little to no hope on the cards to S class her.

What’s everyone else’s opinion so far?


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