Christmas Event is already a huge failure


Funny you should mention that:


I guess we should be happy it isnt 22 or 23 hours like others. I will just do the best I can and take my lumps just like the victory tokens i will probably end up with SD points. Sad thing is I did and would spend on a functioning game. Thats why star wars gets my money now… To think I would rather give my money to EA… I am checking out the window for flying pigs.


I’m close to leveling up to 134, so I’m gonna use the coins from that to buy some cans. I think there are strategic avenues to coin acquisition now which can make events like these doable from a f2p perspective.

(Do you get coins from 134? :laughing:)


coins at 134 are a big nope.



Atleast this isn’t Halloween event a free gator and 3 common ascends. If you don’t have a blue healer Maggie a good pickup. Dwight debuff is 70% to line of enemy’s. The way I see it now we can finally move unto next legacy list


I am happy with Christmas event I have a free revive toon free in 19 days. That fits perfectly with my defense. Why you all complaining go play Star Wars so far no Christmas event just 20% off sale on cystalls until you play other games know this is probably he most generous game I have ever played on my phone.


Legit you’re hilarious. Generous? Scopely? Don’t lie


Players with more than 4 months of experience in this game will tell you that the most likely scenario is a very op new counter to revive will be released as a promo in roughly 18 days. Also, it’s not truly free unless your time has no value.


Depends on the cut off actually. Bryan was about luck of the draw with the tokens.


Are we 100% sure the winter token wheel is the Christmas event? I don’t think it has been announced anywhere that it is. Nor is it reflecting in the calendar like the Thanksgiving event did.

All these posts assuming it’s the Christmas event is really weird since no one has officially said it is (unless I missed it). We may actually have another event for Christmas… not expecting much if they do but it’s possible


Nope. You could get Bryan from just the roadmaps.


I don’t think this is the actual Christmas event that event is gonna have massiv promos and 10 to 1 they are just trying to empty our cans so we have to buy them for something decent


You grind/raid for more than a month and then you discover that finally, all you did was for nothing because Scops just wanted you to throw money.

Michonnes head/last tokens wheel : same spirit.
Had you known before that you wouldnt get anything from the event, you wouldnt have spent time on it.


No you couldn’t I would of been short if I hadn’t of got the tokens from the pulls I did every roadmap unless I’m missing something.


You are


Didn’t get a single bowl of carrots and peas from the stash, and I still have 1300 extra after getting Princess. (Difference between Bryan and Princess is only 1000)

I didn’t get any from offers either; I’m a non-spender.


I thought you were very proud of your f2p status


Weird flex but ok.


The Michonne’s head event was always a chance at one particular toon. This is a wheel with a gauranteed set of ascendable toons. Not seeing the link.

And if you think Michonnegate was because of a few people getting shitty because they didn’t pull a Michonne head, you obviously missed the real bait and switch…