Christmas Event is already a huge failure

Gating the required collection items behind milestones F2P players will NEVER reach.
The collections consequently containing Absolite trash toons.
No roadmap or stash for Christmas.
A terrible 120 token wheel that again F2P won’t get a pull from.
To improve this Christmas event you need a damn roadmap where we can get mittens from daily along with a stash which you can either pay for or get a token daily from suggested roadmaps. You did pretty well with the Thanksgiving stuff only to take so many steps back with the Christmas event that people in my region are actually officially quitting.
Milestones for mittens should be the first three MAX. So change that immediately.
We need a roadmap, good offers, actually give us something worthwhile for Christmas. And Solange doesn’t bloody cut it as we won’t get her until the new year anyway.


You could have ranted in my thread about the mittens lol.


I feel like the more threads that are posted about this travesty of an ‘event’ the more chance there is they’ll actually make changes. Hell, maybe they have a stash and roadmaps set to go but they won’t go active till the Thanksgiving stuff is gone?


You don’t know that mittens won’t be in a roadmap.
You don’t know that you won’t get enough winter tokens.
You don’t know that there won’t be a stash.


Seems to me like YOU dont know Scopely …

We could think that lessons had been learned since the Michonne’s head fiasco 2y and a half ago …
But noooo. We just had that wonderful wheel that ended up some days ago and it is excatly the same spirit as the Michonne’s head event.

They never learn.
Obviously because there always are fresh s.p.en.ders to cover for the ones that give up.


People use the past to make assumptions about the future. As there are just enough raid / LUp / Sr events to get the mittens, and knowing the way they run the business, it’s not unreasonable to assume the other option to get mittens will be to buy them. Time will tell on that score though.

The toons aren’t much cop so my problem with the event is that those that get them are probably the people to whom they are of no use to. And those that they would be of use to, will probably never get them.

Makes it all a bit of a non event really.




Lolp yep that killed me :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::sob:.

Oh no it might take effort.

Sorry but plenty of ftp will be able to achieve these milestones.


My faction is mostly F2P and most have already hit 2 million milestone. I’m not sure how mittens are being withheld from anyone at 1.25 million. All one needs to do is plan ahead, use some strategy, get some 5 stars at t4.1 ready beforehand since they actually earn more renown points than a 6 star at t3 does.

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I’m a f2p player and have no problem hitting the 2 million milestone for the third time this weekend and won’t have a problem hitting it the next few weeks, mainly for the league tokens to buy my gear. Raid and SR are a bit different but still when your active and it isn’t a 24hr event it’s very easy to hit 1800 in raid and elite in SR. I agree tho that the toons aren’t exactly what you want for a Christmas event and the wheel will only be available for spenders or maybe a single pull for active F2p players

I don’t understand how theses milestones are not achievable we have many F2P players who have already hit them?

I don’t think the milestones are hard for f2p im at 1.6 mil with an ygl cooking up so i should have them before the end,its nice that they put league tokens in level up

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Milestones are easy to hit provided you have the gear saved up for level ups. If you have enough raid cans saved to hit 1.8k. The only one that might require spending is SR because they didn’t provide enough time to complete it without using cans.

Now the better question is why does everyone want to spend their saved resources for three terrible toons that will do absolutely nothing for anyone with a semi-decent roster in the first place and be of zero use to regular spenders? They didn’t make his holiday event enticing to participate in the slightest.


That’s always in my mind when someone says mittens

Not really, how did you come to that conclusion? Neither the Michonne head event, nor the monstrous fuck up if ending the drops halfway through a raid event bare any resemblance to this event.

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People need to be careful when they say “I’m f2p and I hit the milestones”… sure there’s plenty of f2p players in top 3 factions. I’m in a number one and have a handful. But if your f2p on a tenth place faction, no it’s not easy to hit the level up milestones because they aren’t consistently getting five stars or gear. Not all f2p are equal.


Raid and SR milestones are very easy for F2P players to hit. The LU milestones aren’t worth it considering that the amount of LU points needed can be better spent getting top 3 for a premier character.

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Maybe it’ll be as awesome as the Carl Christmas were 3 or 4 people in all regions got enough to get him. That was the best Christmas event ever!


I have plenty of raid cans so I dot think the raids will be an issue for me. I am not sure about the levelup or the SR . They like to throw 24 SR events at us that cannot in any way be finished without paying. The real carrot hear is the token wheel, I think the extra tokens from the mittens will be needed for a pull.

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