Christmas event date


Just wondering if it’s all in order and if I could receive a notification


They have run the data and decided January 32nd 2018 would be best date to start


Nice to have a Callander thing.
Every day you open a box with a random prize.

Every 5 openings a guaranteed 5*…or rare 4*…

Some lucky peeps get nice gear…

That would be nice to check in on everyday.
Even retirees may come back to check.

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January 32nd? I hope you meant 23rd. Lol


There joking…


I know that. Lol


Some people on this forum should learn the language of sarcasm/irony

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Well it was set for the 32nd but they received a lot of feedback that this was too late, therefore they are adopting a player first attitude and brining the event forward, I will will now be held on the 29th of February and we are aware that the next one is not until 2020 but don’t worry.

To stop you Fromm being bored we have prepared approximately 987 solo level up 3 faction level ups and this new event called faction assault where you work on your own as part of a team, in a faction event that requires no working together whilst being on you’re own or something like that.

Here buy a shiny box.