Christmas broken ornaments


I was just thinking about a way to show good will to some of the long term players… a lot of us still have those broken Christmas ornaments . Could we see those usable or redeemable? Simply put it would be a way to reward the long term players


I still have 945 of those and 41 Santa hats lol


I sold mine too :frowning:


That’s a great idea!

Changing their value from 10 to 500000 food to handle the inevitable food famine we’ll all face once we can actually max these 6’s would definitely help us OG’s. Actually let’s make it 1M lol


I have a few Carl’s that still sell at 500 food I think this should be fixed as well…


I still have over 100k lmao missed changing them in for food I think or something like that but for 10 food each or whatever it is, takes so much time to get a significant amount


Sigh… I’ve given up on selling them. Abouut half of where I started.



Interesting idea!

I’ll share!


I swear that gif gets smaller every time i see _7b93231fe10d416f9cfa7db703546a88


Not a bad idea! It could be like a gift to players who held on to them. :v:t3:


Lmao. What was I doing before gif posting. Words so over rated


Yeah that would be nice


I’d rather they just keep fucking us over as much as possible while doing nothing about hackers