Christa's skill bug


The skill says that they must be close, please tell me that I was not r/whoooshed


I will try again but i often have this bug even when there are three characters

It only damages 1 character it’s the waste not that hits another. It only happens if they are adjacent


Does absolute defense blocks this skill ?

The toons have to be adjacent for waste not to proc.
Think of the teams like this,
2- Bottom Left
3-Bottom Right
4-Top Left
5-Top Right
When a character with waste not procs on say 1, it can potentially hit only one of the remaining characters. But they could not hit 3 from 5 because they are not adjacent. The damage would instead only be able to hit 1 and 2. Make sense?
Heres a visual aid


No. Absolute defense cannot block waste noy

I will check this out. Thanks man

I really think Christa is a pièce of shhhh. I don’t understand why this f’‘k’'g James kills characters with only one attack. I think he is too cheated. Christa doesn’t make damages like James. I am very disappointed

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You must not have her modded right. Mine has over 9k attack at tier 2 and takes out everyone but the most buffed and tanky toons with one shot



In both cases, the other person who survived was not adjacent to the one you killed.

They must be adjacent (basically right next to) for Waste Not to be triggered.

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Unreal how rude people are.


Ahhhhhhh just fl@g me like the rest of the snowflakes. Just sick and tired of people blaming the game because they have no idea how simple game mechanics work

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Then they get told the reason and still argue…

I just love how people who call someone a snowflake are usually the most triggered in the room.


You run 2 yellows on attack, James will hit your Andrea because she is shielding (who he has trait advantage over, and most people have modded him out with high Crit) because of his specialist skill and doing critical damage and his trait advantage over Andrea and his high attack stars, his splash or collateral damage will do a lot of damage to Michelle because she isn’t strong defensively either. The math works. If you think it’s is not working and people are cheating, take some videos or screenshots and send them to LadyGeek and I’m sure she can figure out if the damage done is in line with what it should be.

As fast as Christa goes, reading the definition of a specialist skill is an important step in understanding how it works. It stats “one adjacent target.” That means it has to be one space over. Basically think of that as in arms reach. An attack to the bottom line will not transfer the excess damage to the top line.

Christa is a different toon than James. They have different strengths. Once you understand how to use Waste Not, it’s actually very helpful. You can easily take out 2 toons with 1 rush. The smart thing to do is aim for a toon that has the lowest defense or a green toon so you have trait advantage, that means you will do the most damage possible, and all of the excess will transfer to an adjacent toon so you can even kill full health, well modded, high defense toons on Waste Not by maximizing the damage by targetting a weak toon. The Waste Not portion of excess damage does not care about defense, it is flat damage. But it can be blocked by guardian shield.

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With all of the payback and bide in the format, I’m so glad I went with Christa. She’s basically an enhanced (and actually playable) version of fast Sandy.

I kinda have to agree if you dont pay enough attention to understand how a skill or toon works something tells me they dont mod or build teams right either

Nothing seems broken here but what I’m seeing is Christa on enemy def rushing when confused and unless I’m missing something, that shouldn’t happen? I’ve been seeing this regularly for weeks and only from Christa, anyone else?