Christa weapon help

Any ideas on what to put on 4th slot for christa. I kno people r over her by now but working with what i have until i get my raulito.

herea what i use for her now.

And heres my attack team if that matters

I put destruction 4 on my red toons. The slow on attack can save a turn.

Go for destruction lvl 4 slow but before you do that, make another stun gun with focus on it on the 3rd slot for Christa. She’ll be amazing then if you can nail it down… :slight_smile:

Try this one for Christa. Add slow on the 4th slot on it once it’s a 5* weapon.

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Not going to lie that vl makes me cringe a bit.

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Thx I’m going to try to get the focused stun too

I’m not too impressed with the red 4th slot choices, so I would go Team Player. You can get either the +10% def for each red (+30% def in your case) which is nice, or you can get the one that gives 15% attack and 35 crit for all adjacent. Put Christa next to Priya and Priya will be deadly.

Christa is still a MVP for me and still works great.

Dang. The 15 atk and +35 crit sounds good too. Bc i put crit mods on priya to boost her regular crit attacks

Well here’s what you get for team players weapon trait.

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Am using christa behind shield so my weap is…

I use Christ’s with the atl and crit bonus works decent

I think im going to try both ideas n see which i like Better on christa. Still need 5* red weapons for my kapoor n raulito which ill get soon jus need more collectables. So ill use 1 for her n throw the other on kapoor or raul

They work fantastic on Priya teams especially if you can get Rampage on her weapon. Plus they stack too, you can get a hell of a lot of crit and attack if you use multiple of them

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