Christa vs. Stop Sign guy.....thoughts?

I haven’t chosen yet but have had no problem takin down either of them I’ll also note i have no S-class toons…just looking for input to help me decide

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Christa all day and twice on Sunday


Stop Sign Man Gang


James gang, cuh


Christa cult never dies


Christa is the toon now but James will still be good in a few months

It really depends on what toons you have currently


I picked Christa but don’t think it’ll matter by the time everything comes.
Also because everyone will have one or the other we will have multiple times to face each one, so everything to know how to beat them will be known. Only variables will be the weapons, mods, and other characters in the team.

Stop sign gang bruhhhh


I love my Christa, absolute beast on attack.

James is decent on attack, he can take out a lot of yellows with just a normal attack.

Defends isn’t important, attacking is, so I would go with Christa.


His name is james You cultured swine.

Christa is an absolute beast.

I’ve taken both in different regions, I found christa to be very little help on my main but James to be a huge help on the mini account…I wish I had taken James on the main!

James if you need defence and offence
Mainly offence take christa
Either way both will fit your team

Go for Christa. Just don’t level her AS, it screws her a bit on defense

i never have seen burn christa"s so manyyyyy times a day LMAO
James burn her down in no time … STOP MAN JAMES is the name some people call him kooky

James cuz ppl reportimg Christia bugged which means scopes gonna be all over her soon
He also will be an op guy in hordes because he’s gonna be sat there taking on multiple walkers

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