Christa upgrade

Hi! Does anyone knows how can I collect knives to upgrade Christa, since we can still collect gold bars?

you cant upgrade her anymore sadly

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The collection for knives was only up for 90 days. It ended last week I think.

Scopely has said the knives and gold bricks will be used in the future for a toon but have no other information at this time


Yup just got to wait for another knives collection, or for Scopely to provide another method of acquiring knives

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Yeah… I know

keep an eye out though they will bring back them in the future unless they make it more complicated with the next free toons

They said gold bricks would be used again.
But I don’t remember reading anything about knives.
So hopefully they dont switch to a different item to trade gold bricks in for.

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Gr did confirm knives as well in a post somewhere. Time will tell if he was telling the truth.

I have searched and all I can find is he has no details yet except gold bars will be used


Awesome thanks opie

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But take it for what it’s worth with them. They could easily twist it around and put another hurdle

Or could be spring before they release the new toon
Just hoping they dont say early next year
Then it would be closer to summertime

@Calin all as @opie said :slight_smile:

Why end the collection though? There are players who started playing midway through the event or missed a day here and there.

I also saw a statement that they would be making knives available in “offers” and perhaps other events so that you can complete the level ups. I don’t know if that means “only pay” or if you’ll be able to continue it free to play.

We have also been told that the gold bricks would be back, but it hasn’t been 100% confirmed that they will be turned in for knives or another item. If it’s another item, the only way to upgrade these characters will be the “offers”/special road maps (if avail).

There’s a joke on another forum that I frequent in which “Two Weeks” apparently means “never”. It is seemingly about to happen any time, but never actually comes to pass.

Thus, the new characters will be available in “Two Weeks”!

Yeah I didn’t want to reference that statement about other ways to get knives because I don’t know if I trust Scopely to stick to that and if they do it will probably be a paid offer which is shitty.

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