Christa S-Class Confused bug - TO CLOSE

I have noticed a bug. I mean when I have used my Bruce Allan Cooper active skill to confuse Christa (she has full AP) to avoid her rush, she rushed despite confuse.


Mods maybe

Noticed the same in Arena 2 times now. Placed taunt on her but she still rushed. 2 different opponents.


Not mods. She didn’t resist it. There was the icon of being confused.

Her active gives her focus. Perhaps she used it before you confused her.

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Does focus negates taunt? No clue, that’s why I ask. Despite having taunt symbol over the toon.

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It negates the effects of taunt and confuse. It doesn’t block it though, so a longer lasting taunt will be able to work after focus ends.

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It was strange anyway. Placed taunt on her, symbol clearly showed up but then PUFF she used rush though I am not sure if she had focus active.

Focus ignores human shields, confuse, and taunt.

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Lol, didn’t know. I think it’s only for shields. Thanks

To close.

She has focus and it can fhuuk u up badly cause confuse don’t work while focused.

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