Christa’s ar is bugged

I’ve had a stunned christa and confused christa fire off her ar and win matches due to her bug…anyone else noticing this

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Stunned? Yep a bug, but she can fire off her ar if confused if she’s affected by focus


I’ve watched it happen many times just to be sure, yes stunned and confused she has fired her ar at me.

Christa is broken at the moment defo

didnt analize the situation but had the feeling happened to me too. one time she had her stun recovered by kenny but the other time i thought she bypassed it somehow. cant be sure nowadays with so many things bugged…

Ppl reporting Christia bugs
Me laughing in James as we all know what scopes like to do with bugged f2p toons
MwhhHHaha >:)

Yall sure she didn’t hit her active before ?

I also feel like green James has some bugs. He seems to kill multiple character with ease in odd ways. For example he reflected off my shield with collateral damage in one battle and killed the same character 3 times over. Did not collateral any other character in my team. An odd 9 attacks all reflected in the same way on one target.

now that they messed up the animations we will never know. people dead are killing people before they were revived. now a video evidence aint chit.

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