Christa or James? Which S Class will you choose?

Which S Class character will you choose? How do you feel about this change coming to the game? Will you use your veterans rings on your new character or will you use it on your legendary characters you already have? Leave a comment & let me know your reaction to this announcement!


James think he has more potential and why not put up a poll?


Will probably go for James.

I believe I will go for James.

I’m choosing james

I’m choosing the 2,000 Depot points I’ll get from whichever one I pick


Christa because Christa is Christa and she is so fcking badass


Christa…never been a fan of the collateral damage on James

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Surprised to see so many James answers. Cristã is the choice hands down. She provides a lot more.

James really just provides some nice bleed.

Basically he’s the S class version of mike with double the bleed and I never use mike because of colateral (especially behind diego).


A lot of people are using lacerator/build teams so it’s not surprising James is a popular pick.


Perhaps. I guess it depends. If players aren’t focusing on beating payback teams, then James might be the right answer. He’s certainly not a great option against payback teams, especially as an S Class and payback being six stars.

Also… thinking long term, not sure how viable that is once full S class are out. Not used to used that type of team but I would imagine bleeding out five toons that each have 10k hp will be difficult

Christa, cuz as said above, to kill a toon with 10k of hp using bleed/burn would take too much time, so im going for christa
Also i can put a better gun than the one from james

I dont think his CD will set off payback since it is a normal hit I could be wrong. And one of the big flaws for CD for me was building opp ap and with his active you can avoid a lot of that. Christa looks like winter Richard 2.0 hard pass

I’m lost for words.

Why are you?

Same thought

ill wait and decide when the new s class typhoon toons come out, i want to see which will better fit my emerging teams.

for the rings, seeing the regular release of s class toons, imho rings are best used on s classes u have or will have. im afraid of wasting rings on non-sclass that i wont be using in a few weeks. so far ive put 15 levels on pete and priya, and 5 on laopo. the rest im saving for the other upcoming s classes.

Probably Christa but, since it’s 88 days long I’ll wait for a bit before i make my decision (provided i manage to get them).

CD is triggered with normal attack AR… here’s how I look at these two toons…

Are they going to close the gap between f2p and current S Class spenders? Helllll no.

However, will Cristã help beat a team that has two waylands and that player hasn’t spent for S class toons? He’ll yes.

F2P will never catch that 1 percent spending on S Class. But now they can eventually hit some of the OP gen 2 teams that haven’t spent.

We’ll see. I’m very used to that type of team, and in friendly duels often see around 20k bleed/burn damage dealt, and that damage could be quite a bit higher if the toons didn’t die before it expires.
Not being able to take 1-2 defenders down quickly might be more of an issue, because it makes control and staying alive much harder. Really will depend on what kind of defenses people run.

[ETA] That said, I’m not sure James does a lot for my type of team, as additional bleed damage is rarely the issue